June 18, 2009

Waiting, and going

I met with the pastor yesterday about the ministry position.  It was a very encouraging meeting to me, being that it made me want to look further into the possibilities.  As we met, I was able to be up front and honest with him, as well as he with I.  I let him know of my struggles and past ministry, even my not knowing what youth ministry looks like in the context of the journey that God has been taken me on with the concept of Community.  He was able to let me know that there are some things that are happening at the church at this moment that is taking precident, and will place our talk on hold, if not make it impossible at this current time.  

It is not a closed door, but it is going to be a waiting game.  That is not a bad thing.  This has been something that has kind of taken me off guard as well, so a little time to think about it is going to be a good thing.  The good thing is, I am not in the mindset of needing this job, but just seeing what God has in store.  He asked me yesterday what happens if this spot doesn't work, what is plan "B".  I told him that I didn't know.  But now as I have had time to think about the answer, this church in not exactly a plan "A".  It is a plan.  It is like there are an infinite number of ways that my life can go at this point, and they are all plans, and some of them I don't even know about yet.  

That being said, I am now in big time prep for a wild week in Montana.  I will be taking Friday off and spending time with Tauni and the kids.  Then leaving bright and early, 6:00 am on Saturday to fly out to Chicago and then on to Billingsly, to eat lunch with my friend Kyle.


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