December 19, 2007

The Experience- A night of Worship

Worship is what we were created to do. The problem is,
we usually worship the wrong things.

I have been se
nsing that God wants us to worship together. This is looking beyond church walls and denominations. I look around and see churches competing with each other. When I was a pastor, one of the biggest questions that other pastors asked was, "how many people do you have?" That was annoying to me. I understand people want to know how you are doing, but I felt like the reason people asked was because it was always about numbers. I don't think we were meant to be so segregated. We have separate churches to lead people to Christ in our own area, but the Spirit of God is in each church. Let us come together and Worship the One Spirit.

The Experience, is a chance for churches to get together to Worship God corporately. As one. Jeff Stuttler, a gifted guitarist and singer, will be leading us into the presence of God. He has spent time in Kansas City and Nashville studying both to lead worship, and to listen to the voice of God. Please join us in this adventure.

December 15, 2007

God's Food

Tauni and I were putting the kids to bed this evening and some angels showed up at the door. I say angels, or God's messengers, without really knowing who or "what" stopped by. But as I went down to answer the door after someone knocked on it, There was no one there. I looked down and there were 3 boxes of stuff. I looked around for just a hint of movement or tail lights, but saw nothing.

In these boxes were things that we needed, and or were secretly desiring. I had just mentioned to Tauni that we needed to go get toilet paper. Low and behold, it showed up on our door step. I have really been wanting some meat for sandwiches during the day lately, and haven't been able to buy any. In the second picture, there is a large ham. We had run out of fruit and we recieved that as well. It is really funny because our apartment complex gives us Panera bread each week, and yet I have been wanting regular bread to make a peanut butter sandwich.

We are very appreciative for everything that we got, and wanted to share about just a few things that stick out. All this to say, GOD IS GOOD. I was just looking in the refrigerator tonight and thinking, "how am I going to feed my family?" God has now answered.

December 5, 2007

Life of Collision #1

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December 2, 2007