May 29, 2009

Slow down God

So, I have been taken by storm by God in the last couple of weeks.  God has been speaking very loudly and I am trying to do more than just listen.  A couple of weeks ago, I attended the services at both Water of Life and The Home Church in the same day.  I don't mean because I am super spiritual, but because God obviously knew that I needed it.  It was a very meaningful day and it seemed to be a glass of ice water tossed in my face for a rude awakening, which I needed.  

Pastor Eric at Water of Life was finishing up a series, "Called Out", which was excellent all the way through.  This last one two things really popped out.  
1.  God has called me to be an Evangelist.  A messenger of the Kingdom of God. 
2.  I need to be more disciplined and spend more time with God.  

Pastor Eugene at The Home Church, brought a clarifying message to me.  He told a story of Sherlock Holmes going and waking up Watson and asking him, "What do you see?"  Watson began to point and name the North Star, Big Dipper, Little Dipper, and so on.  Sherlock looked at him and said, "Watson, someone stole our tent."  

As I looked from where I was sitting, I had reallized that I needed God to move the tent that had been blocking me from seeing the heavens and knowing the truths of God.  I had slowly slipped into a frustration, which easily led into being tired of doing.  I felt like I had done everything I could do to try and get some things lined up for the summer, and it doesn't seem to be as full as I would like it.  The struggle and frustration, tired from working hard for little reward was tiring. It made me withdraw from God, and not give him the time that he deserves, or that I need.  That withdrawal gave the enemy a chance to begin to write stuff on my tent that were lies, and I was not able to combat those without the help of my Lord and Savior.  

When I prepare for sharing what God has put on my heart to people, I experience God.  When I am actually in front of people speaking, there is a closeness and understanding of God that I cannot comprehend, but cannot do without.  When I am not speaking, preaching, teaching, I am missing that component to my own spiritual journey, because of how the cloud descends on me while I am listening and speaking.  

What Pastor Eric's sermon told me and is hard for me, and most men, is that I am an Evangelist, but that does not mean just in front of groups.  It is everywhere I go.  An evangelist is not what I do, but who I am.  I do not need to be in front of others to be who I am.

That is all He wants me to say,

May 11, 2009


So, I wanted to throw out a question.

In the life of being a Christ follower, what is your anthem? What is the song that your heart sings

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