October 24, 2008

Another day of prayer and Fasting

At Water of Life this past Monday, we had a day of prayer and fasting, and teaching from Pastor Lee. It was a time that God showed up. The first session that was taught was on obstacles that stand in our way of doing what God has called us to do. I was able to share with the group that gathered that my biggest obstacle and what I was struggling with was financial stability. I expressed that I was trying to find out how God wanted me to proceed. I have no problem going out and getting a job to supplement what God was providing, but I am not sure if that is the answer. I had a couple of concerns:

One, I know that God told me that he would provide for me.
Two, I did not want to "help" God provide for my family.
Three, if I needed to wait, and let him provide, I would.
Four, maybe the job during the week, was the provision.

I know what your thinking, why do I have to make things so difficult? But those are very serious things that have been running through my mind. I want to follow God with everything that I am, and if it means working, not working, waiting, living in someone's basement, moving to Canada, I don't really care. Ok, maybe I would prefer a couple of those things not to be asked of me. But the point is, I am out on the water with only God making the water, the exact spot that I am walking on, hard enough for me to not sink. I do not want to walk in a place that he has not already made sink proof.

We were then lead through the question of what it is that God has called us to. Go back to the time that God called us, and relive it. Listen to it. What exactly was it? What did He say? What was the command?

I got to go back and remember the call to Youth Ministry and the call to speaking. I got to hear God tell me again that He is going to provide for me.

Before the next teaching time, my buddy bought me a large coffee from Tim Hortons, thanks Barrett, that seemed to work really well at this point. I believe that God and caffeine seem to work hand in hand in my life.

The last session was to address and to fight and claw and be violent in our pursuit of God's presence, and to search for the answers to our obstacles in light of our calling. As Lee was teaching, I felt God speaking things into my life. It was amazing. I wasn't able to sit, but had to stand and walk around a little. But his voice was being heard. We were given about an hour to go off by ourself and fight our way into God's throne room.

God pressed upon me what I believe to be a way that He is going to provide for my family. It was coming so fast and furious, it was amazing. I will not go into details at this moment, but suffice it to say that it is a way that I have always said that I would not do. It sounded good when God was telling me, and then when the excitement of God's voice wore off and I had to tell Tauni, it did not seem to be so exciting and glorious anymore.

What is it that is an obstacle to what God has called you to be, or do?
Go back and relive, remember, and re-believe the calling that he has on your life. Make it real agian.
Go violently into God's presence. I do not mean to be disrespectful to God, but to fight off all the things that keep us from getting into the presence of God. (Caffeine is really helpful)

All I can say is, "DON'T GIVE UP"!