December 15, 2007

God's Food

Tauni and I were putting the kids to bed this evening and some angels showed up at the door. I say angels, or God's messengers, without really knowing who or "what" stopped by. But as I went down to answer the door after someone knocked on it, There was no one there. I looked down and there were 3 boxes of stuff. I looked around for just a hint of movement or tail lights, but saw nothing.

In these boxes were things that we needed, and or were secretly desiring. I had just mentioned to Tauni that we needed to go get toilet paper. Low and behold, it showed up on our door step. I have really been wanting some meat for sandwiches during the day lately, and haven't been able to buy any. In the second picture, there is a large ham. We had run out of fruit and we recieved that as well. It is really funny because our apartment complex gives us Panera bread each week, and yet I have been wanting regular bread to make a peanut butter sandwich.

We are very appreciative for everything that we got, and wanted to share about just a few things that stick out. All this to say, GOD IS GOOD. I was just looking in the refrigerator tonight and thinking, "how am I going to feed my family?" God has now answered.

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