June 20, 2009

Expecting His presence

I am sitting in the Columbus Airport thinking thinking about leaving my family and what the Lord has in store.  I have been delayed in my trip by 12 hours because my trip to Chicago was cancelled this morning which leaves me flying through Denver instead this evening.  That being said, it has caused in some respects a frustration because of spending an hour and a half on the phone last night instead of finishing up packing.  It also gave me more time to worry about what to pack, what not to pack, am I getting in too late,... etc. 

I now have a chance to be past all of that commotion and to think again about why I am going to Montana and believing that the Spirit is going to show up and do some great things.  Even through the distraction, God has given me some words just today to bring into focus the whole week.  

The theme for the week is, "what is your anthem?  What does your heart sing?"  It has been amazing the way this has come together.  Without going into the whole week of talks, let me tell you the words that God has given me for this week.

Get it!
Trust it!
Just do it!
Get rid of it!

It may not make sense by itself, but in the context of where God has be going, this makes a great anthem chorus, and leaves the verses to be filled in by each student individually.

Here is where this is going and you can compare to God's words above.

Listen to God
Trusting God and people and that it is about thier love for you.
Getting rid of fear and obstacles in your way of what God told you.


Pray with me and believe with me that God is going to do amazing things in the lives of the teens, counselors, staff, and camp staff, as well as that I can continue to hear his voice and do what he asks of me.  Pray for the Spirit to be moving, changing lives, and I would go as far as to say to see Him move as He did in the scripture that we hold so dear.  Let His presence be known, seen and felt.  

That is all He wants me to say,

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