June 21, 2009

Crazy Trip

So I had a crazy trip on Saturday getting here to Montana.  I had a flight scheduled for Saturday morning to leave at 7:55 am.  I got an email, which luckily I checked, at 7:22 pm on Friday telling me that my flight had been cancelled and was rescheduled for Sunday morning.  I spent an hour and a half on not one, but 2 different phones, trying to get it changed back to Saturday.  I finally did and was scheduled to fly out on Saturday at 7:12 pm.  

I get to the airport and everything is going great.  It is then announced that the plane is running a little late, but we will be off by 7:30.  I get on the plane, and after sitting there for a few minutes, talking with my neighbor, I realize that there is something wrong.  I don’t know what, but definitely something wrong.  I noticed a guy from the airline come in and ask a guy in 1st class to get up and get off the plane.  He then pulls 2 guys from economy and takes them up to first class where the guy was sitting.  I am confused at this point.  I then see this same guy come in and ask two more passengers, sitting very close to me, to get up and get off the plane.  I hear him tell them that there are passengers on the plane that do not have seats.  I look to the rear of the plane and see 4 people standing in the back.  How in the world do people actually, physically, get on a plane without a seat?  Isn’t that something that should be taken care of before being on the plane.  Then an argument breaks out between some passengers and one of the male flight attendents.  They are asked to leave. So, that seems to take all the passengers off that need to so that we can take off.  Throughout this whole ordeal, I am watching my clock because I have a connecting flight in Denver with an hour layover.  I am also carrying on a conversation with my neighbor while my ADD is kicking in and watching this whole thing.  We took flight finally at 8:30.  I am worried at this point, because my hour layover became a 4 minute lay over.  We made up some time in the air, but not enough to grab a bite to eat in Denver because I hadn’t eaten anything since lunch, and was starving.  I got to my connection just before they closed the doors.  It was crazy, but I made it.  I was sure I was going to be spending the night on the floor of the airport that night.

We made it out to camp, only to find that there is no cell coverage, unless we drive a considerable distance, so connecting with my family is going to be a hit and miss thing this week.  I told Michael he can call me 108 times if he wants, but I won’t always be able to answer the phone.  Actually, I will never be able to answer the phone at this point. 


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