June 24, 2009

Super Summer Tues. update

Yesterday I had the chance to go white water rafting with the band, Joseph Barkley, Kyle, and the guy that owned the equipment, Marvin.  We got to the river, stepped in the water, and it was freezing.  We started down, paddling, and I had to ask about the temp.  He said it was probably about 38 degrees.  So, a little cold.  I was sitting in front, so I took the brunt of the water coming.  Well, me and Mark got destroyed.  Mark is the lead guitarist from Joseph Barkley.  It was funny at first, and as it hit my body, I would let out this little high pitched noise.  Let’s just say, I did it quite a bit.  With about a mile or so to go out of the 11 mile trip, I began to ask myself if I could go any farther.  My legs, feet and hands were completely numb, and they were beginning to hurt.  The funniness of the water coming over turned into just being angry every time it breached the side.  When we saw the dock, I believe it was the best thing I had ever seen.  We had to paddle pretty hard to get over there, but we were all very willing to put in the extra work to get it done.  As we got out, we had to carry the boat out, and I could barely walk.  I couldn’t feel my legs, which made it difficult to carry a boat.  It made for a great illustration last night, but I know I wouldn’t do it again this week.

Last night I talked about trust, trusting God and knowing that he will do what is best for us, he designed us, and has our best interest in mind.  The secondary but I believe almost equally important, is our trust in people around us, the community of church, because it is those two trusts that develop us and draw us closer to what God is doing.  It is all about relationship, no matter how cheesy it may sound, is true.  

I am a little tired because my body is still alined with Ohio time, which wakes me up around 6:00 to 6:30, no matter what time I go to bed.  But hey, I can fake it for a week, right?


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