June 30, 2009

Ministry, past and future

Ministry has been something that I have been doing ever since jr. high in some ways, and even before that.  

Ministry is doing what God has asked us to do, to Love God and Love others, and to show others how to do that.  

I believe that God has called us all to ministry, and given some the opportunity and calling to do it, and luckily get paid for it.  Ministry has taken on  a number of looks for me in the last several years, and I have to admit, I have no idea what it is going to look like tomorrow, but I do know that I will always be involved in ministry.

This past week, I spent some time in Montana, at a camp called Beartooth Mountain Christian Camp, where I had the pleasure of spending time with the band and worship leader, Joseph Barkley.  Joseph is an Associate Pastor at Ecclesia Hollywood, where he is teacher and leader of music and worship, and also travels to put on concerts and lead worship at different events.  

As I look at where God is moving, what I know is this, that God has given me gifts and talents, a passion, and what I believe a mission to challenge the Church, those in it and yet to be in it, to love God and love people.  This is a passion for the big Church, not just a local church, but also believe that I have been, for the past couple of years, entrusted with a desire for community, in which discipleship and evangelism are synonymous, because they happen so naturally in this atomosphere.

Some of the clarification of what lies ahead for me, that I am getting as of this point, is coming as a result of a couple of different things.  I believe that I have been listening to God the best that I can and obeying, even the smallest details, to stay within listening distance to Him.  Talking with Joseph and seeing what he is doing, a pastor and traveling musician, has given me an opportunity to see that this kind of relationship works, if you find the right place for it.  To be able to use the gifts and talents God has given me in the local church, and then that same local church having a sence of calling to "send" me out to the Church.  

I cannot say that this is definitely where God is leading, but I believe that God is clearing out those fears that I have, to at least put them back on the table.  As I spoke for Super Summer Jr. High last week, I ended with my defining message for the last couple of years, "Water Walking", and gave to God my fears of church ministry.  He is clearly cleaning the "cobwebs" that have formed in the past, and forcing me to face them.  

I know God is doing what is best for me, and I am feeling very open to where he is leading right now.


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