June 29, 2009

Great Rest, New Challenge

It was a great weekend.  I got to spend time with the fam.  First, just with Tauni, Michael and Zoe for the first 24 hours or so.  It was great.  Zoe wanted to play with me on the couch(wrestle), and Michael wanted to wrestle, then go and ride his bike without training wheels, which we started before I left for Montana last week.  He is doing a great job.  I just have to keep up with him to keep a lookout for cars all around him in the parking lot of our apartments.

We then went over for spagghetti, with my parents, Eric and Jenny, Dusty and Kirstin.  We took a dip in the pool and ate some Sno Cones.  It was a nice evening.  

Church, sound system problems, great worship, Barret leading with wisdom and Hebrew, the sermon was awesome, and then a church picnic.  Good to be at home and back with my community.  

I got a confirmation just a couple of hours ago that I will be speaking at Camp Gideon at their Challenge camp for those coming out of 7th-9th grades.  It is a challenge because I spoke there last year, which means I only have 6 days to prepare 4 messages that match their theme of "Boot Camp".  I am up for the challenge, but also have several other things that I have already planned to do, one being "Red, White and Boom" in down town Columbus on the 3rd.  

I am pumped about being able to take my family again this year.  It was a blast for them last year, and this year they will not have to take naps, which will give them more time for all the good times.

Please pray for fresh eyes, a ready heart, and a fullness of funnyness, wisdom and stories.


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