July 8, 2009

camp catch up

It has been a good start to "Boot Camp".  My family and I arrived this past Sunday evening after an awesome service at church on Sunday, with a combo service of our three congregations put together.

We arrived around 5:00, ate dinner with the staff, and registration for the campers was at 6:00.  I had a short intro to the week Sunday night and then the fam and I went swimming with the students Sunday night, while it was dark.

Monday morning, devos in the morning and sent them to spend some time with God.  Played ultimate frisbee late morning, lunch and then swam in the afternoon.  In the evening I spoke on the point, which is where God has been pointing me to ever since I knew I was speaking, of being created not as an individual, but as a unit.  In boot camp for the armed forces, they come in and are given clothes that look the same, same hair cut, live together, eat together, where one messes up, they all pay.  They are in essence, one.  Like it or not, there is no such thing as individuals, which is kinda ironic since that is the way life is described in the rest of America.  We are all out to get ours, not worrying about other people around us.  As I finished, I was not sure if I was finished with the topic yet or not, and am still not sure.  We will see what the rest of the week holds.

Tuesday morning, devos and quiet time.  Tauni, Michael, Zoe and I went to visit with the Kings for the afternoon.  We hit a closed road on the way there, and had to make up the trip as we went with no map, but I love that kind of thing.  Of course, we were thinking that spending some money on a GPS wouldn't be such a bad thing since we travel so much.  The Kings treated us like kings, and we appreciate their friendship.  We are hoping they will come visit us here at the camp another time this week.  On our way home, both kids were so tired that they fell asleep, before we even made it out of Alliance.

We got back to eat some Pizza, and then speak again.  Last night I spoke on Radical Trust.  Do we really trust God with our lives?  Will we entrust our lives to God's church family?  Will we serve God by serving others around us?  And the participation factor is so huge in those.  As  I walked away that evening, I felt empored and on fire from God.  It was great.  

Tauni, the kids and I took a stroll over to the Snack Shack for, you guessed it, and then went to do some star gazing.  It was pretty cool.  Late night for the kids.

This morning, breakfast, devos, quiet time and then the kids went back to the room to watch a movie while I did some internet stuff.  Lunch, then nap time, because of last night being so late.  
We are now back to now, and looking forward to what else God has in store.


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