March 6, 2009

notch counting

On Saturday morning, I was thinking about my reporting of what God has been doing and the response of people to His message and was feeling a little uncomfortable in the fact that some may think that I am keeping count of people accepting Christ and bragging about it.  That makes me very uneasy.  I have known people in the past that have figuratively made notches in their belt so they could keep track of "souls won", and make sure that everyone around them knew it.  

I want to be very clear and honest with you, I cannot remember, at this moment, even the numbers from this past week and a half.  My only purpose in reporting is to let those know who are reading and praying about the journey that my family and I have been on that God is moving, and doing some new things.  It is exciting to me to see God doing something new that I have never really seen in my ministry in the past.  I also want to make sure that you know that it is God that is directing me in the way that I proceed with where I am going as I speak.

I have always been nervous to ask certain things while speaking, especially in respect to people standing and raising hands, because it has always felt like if nothing happened and no one made a decision for anything, I had failed.  

God has recently been speaking to me and letting me know that if it is Him that is asking the questions, and letting me know the questions to ask, that it is of no consequence to me if nothing happens, and not my doing if something does.  That is such a relief to me.  It is not about what I say, but what He says, I just have to repeat it.

Are there things you you know God has been wanting you say to someone, and you have been putting it off?  

God wants you to know that it is not a reflection of you on how they respond, but a reflection towards God.

That is all He wants me to say.

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Ben said...

I will say that I didn't take it that way, and I was excited to see how God was moving as well. I've never led anyone to Christ directly, so I know it's quite a miracle when it works out.