March 7, 2009

Guys night out

Last night we had our 3rd successful guys night out in the last couple of months. We gathered at Water of Life Friends Church for action packed games of Ultimate football. We had a total of 14 guys turn out, some from Water of Life, a couple from some other churches, and some that do not participate in the body of Christ at this time. We played from 9:00 pm until midnight and decided to break bread, salad, tremendous 12's, buttermilk 5's, country fried steaks and so on together. It was a great evening of a lot of exercise, some bunions and great laughs at Perkins.

It was cool as I scanned the guys that came to see men that I have known at different stages of my life. Some from jr. high and high school, some from more recent times at Water of Life, and even the meeting of a new friend, which is the son of an old friend.

The thing that brings us all together is knowing and remembering the times that we have been together before, and knowing the relationship that we had, have or would like to improve. It is exactly the way that God has created us, to connect with others.

I hope and pray that you are making those connections with people around you.


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