February 21, 2009

Sleepless in North Canton

So, I am writing this at 5:30 in the evening on Saturday with a total of 1 hour of sleep since 9:00 am on Friday morning. I am extremely tired as I am visiting with some friends and preparing to preach twice tomorrow morning and once tomorrow evening.

Had a great night last night. I spent 12 hours with a group of Junior Highers in North Canton, OH, from 8pm to 8am. It was nuts and full of activities. I had the chance to speak 2 times during the course of the night. The first time I spoke, God was giving the word to go ahead and give a call to those who wanted to for the first time to let God know that they were sinners, they were sorry, and wanted to follow God with everything that they have. There were 5-6 people that accepted Christ for the first time. It was awesome.

The second one was a call to be unsatisfied and to actively and aggressively seek to make our relationship with God stronger. The majority of the teens raised their hand in response. It was amazing.

I am so glad that God is using me, and I pray that he will continue.

Where is God using you in these days.


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