February 28, 2009

30 Hour Famine

I arrived in Damascus, OH last night to speak at a 30 hour famine event that continues through this evening. I cannot give an exact number but somewhere around 140 students and 30 adults.

Last night I spoke to the group after an awesome worship set by a band called the One80 band.

Towards the end of the talk, I asked if anyone wanted to for the first time say that they were sorry for the things that they have done wrong and want to follow Jesus with everything that they are to stand up on the count of three. When I got to three there were around 15-20 people that stood. It was amazing. I then opened it up and asked people to be unsatisfied with thier relationship with Christ, because it was not about following a bunch of rules and laws, but about developing a relationship with God. That doubled to trippled the number standing. God was definitely present and moving.

As Alex the Youth Pastor said when he came up, "God always meets us where we are at." That is what happened.

Doing it for Him,

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