February 28, 2009

30 Hour Famine Day 2

What an unexpected turn of events this day had for me. I spent late morning and early afternoon with a friend of mine, just reconnecting. That was a good thing.

The unexpected was when God began to change the message He had for me to deliver in the evening at The Famine. It is funny to me that the thing that I have always struggled with is having everything ready to go for each place I am going to be. That has been my struggle in ministry forever. So I am getting to the point where I am for the most part ready, and yet God has recently been changing things and making me wait on the exact thing. For instance, I had exactly what I was going to speak about this evening till this morning, when God started to change the topic, and the direction.

Last week, I had a couple of ideas for the Lock-in, and came up with what seemed to be the perfect one as I continued to listen to God all the way up to the end. The same thing with preaching at Lisbon. I had a couple I wanted to do, and God gave me the go ahead on the way to church. It turned out to be the exact one that the church needed to hear, from the feedback that I got.

It is nerve racking to me to get up and not have the whole thing thought out completely, and when I mean completely, not having enough time to at least have an order of where I would like to go, knowing it won't always be in that order, and when I don't have my computer with me up front, not always remembering what is coming next.

The jury is still out on what the folks at Damascus thought about tonight, and yet it is exactly what God wanted me to speak.

Let God rock your world,

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