September 27, 2008


Have you ever felt God call you do go in a certain direction or make a decision but were very afraid to do what he wanted? Maybe you weren't sure which way was right, or even the best of the goods.

This past summer was a time for me to make a decision of where God was calling me. I was given the opportunity to entertain the thought of being a Youth Pastor again or continuing on with Speaking the Word of God to whoever wants to listen, or even more importantly, who will hire me.

I had to make a choice. I had to make a decision. I was at a place where I felt God was going to bless either way that I went. I had to ask, "What is the best of the two?" Not only the right, but the best.  It was a difficult decision.  

My prayer through these couple of months of praying and at times fasting, was that I would be able to follow Him where ever He wanted me to go and to not make a decision based on fear.  There were fears on both sides.  Through different situations, I have felt that I need to continue to follow God on the surface of the water that I have been walking on for the past year.  He has provided for me so far, and feel that I don't want to go back to the boat, or land, quite yet.  

Thank you all for praying for me and encouraging me in listening to God's voice.  There is so much to say about the body of Christ working together, serving together, and encouraging one another to follow God with everything that we are.  

And that is all He wanted me to say,


Ben said...

Congrats, man! I'm glad to hear that you made a decision. It can be really difficult when God doesn't give a definite yes or no answer. But you chose the path of greater risk and greater reward, which shows that you are really comfortable with relying on God for your future. That's awesome; I wish I had that same confidence!

Ty said...

I think about Peter and how he had to choose to get out of the boat. Some would say a "bad choice" (becasue he ultimatly lost trust in the middle of it) but others as I think, he made a "GREAT CHOICE" and got to be the only other person but Jesus to walk on water! Even though he lost trust in the middle, it was still the ride of a lifetime! I can really relate to you post. I like how you distinguish between "the right choice" and "the best choice!" Its too easy at times to reduce everything to right and wrong and often its good, better, best! At the end of it I don't think Peter would have been "wrong" to stay in the boat, but because of his choice, he experienced a moment that is still talked about 2000+ years later!

Great Post... glad you were able to make your choice!