September 29, 2008

human being

I want to talk to all the computer crazed people out there.  There is a huge debate and sometime anger, or jealousy, that happens when you mention 2 words, PC and Mac.  Everyone has a side that they fall on and people, including me, like to argue about the better of the two.  

I am a Mac guy.  There, I said it.  I have done my share of bringing devout PC users to a boil.  Every time one of those hilarious, "I am a Mac, and I am a PC" commercials come on, I have to stop what I am doing just to see the next "truth" that is going to be pointed out.

Microsoft windows has just launched it's own commercials.  I don't understand the ones with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld, but that is neither here nor there.  They have released a couple saying, "I am a PC, and this is my office,"  or "I am a PC, and this is what I wear."  You know, trying to get rid of the stereo type that Mac has so famously done to who a PC owner is.  

On one of those commercials at the end is a guy who says something that is so profound to me.  

"I am a PC and I am a human being, not human thinker, not human doer, 
but human being."

That has got me thinking so crazy lately..., of course, not about computers.  I have been thinking about what that means for a follower of Christ and the church.  We as humans get into trying to accomplish something and thinking a certain way, that we neglect to see that those are not the absolute truths that we are to be following.  It is about who we are, not what we think or what we do.  

As a Christ follower, you think and do because of the relationship you have with Christ.  It is about who you are, it is about who you spend your time with that influences the deepest, darkest recesses of who you are.  It is a change that happens so deep that you do not even know that you are thinking and doing like Christ, because it has become "being" for you.  There is no differientiation for you.  It is all caught up in your being.  Thinking and doing is a reflection of something deeper.

To a Christ follower it is not about "Christ follower thinking" or "Christ follower doing", but about "BEING a CHRIST FOLLOWER".

To a Christ follower, it is not about "church thinking" or "church doing", but about "CHURCH BEING"!

Are you prepared to venture into being, as opposed to JUST thing and doing?

What does that mean?
How can we do that together?
What are the steps to getting there?

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Ben said...

FYI: that guy who says "human being" is author Deepak Chopra.