June 20, 2008

Final 2 days in San Diego

I am now sitting in the San Diego airport flying to Portland, OR with a connecting flight in San Francisco.  I got here at  8:30 am and will be finally arriving in Portland at 8:30.  What a crazy day.  Camp finished up very well.  

As I was sitting in Panara Bread on Coronado Island, I had a chance to not talk at all for a couple of hours.  The problem was, when it was time to begin again, it would not come out right.  I lost my voice.  I think that with all the yelling and screaming that I have been doing, by voice decided that once it got a break, it was going to keep it.  I have been drinking a lot of green tea with honey in it.  I had to do some yelling when I spoke because I was competing with the sound of the Ocean.  I did not have any amplification, so it was up to me and my big mouth.  I was able to speak well enough to do what God wanted me to say.  

God was amazing.  I worked really hard to remember everyone's names and I think I did a pretty good job, but it is still something that I need to work on.  The Holy Spirit was moving in ways that were so awesome during the week.  There were times in my talks that I had to hold back tears because of the heartbeat that God had for these teens.  The teens and adults connected really well with me.

The weather was pretty rough.  Monday and Tuesday were nice, which means we got to go surfing and swimming.  Wednesday and Thursday were very foggy and misty on the beach.  It made it very chilly and caused the lifeguards to shut down the beach because they could see out well enough to keep people safe.  I really wanted one more crack at surfing.  And believe me, I actually needed quite a few more than that.  

I am ready for some sleep on a bed.  I was thinking that sleeping on the beach would be nice because sand would kind of conform to your body.  In the words of Jessie from Seattle, "wrong".  It was actually like sleeping on concrete.  I would not recommend it.

Please continue to pray for me and my health.  I am going from one San Diego with people to Portland, OR with family members that I have not spent much time with.  This means more people.  Being a people person, I get energy from people, but it also means that I cannot turn myself off while around people.  I need to get away to relax and recoup, but will not have the opportunity this time.

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sean said...

I'm glad you had a good time. I want to hear more specifics soon. For some reason I don't feel bad for you having to sleep on the sand on a beach in San Diego, CAL. Hope your wet suit worked out nicely for you!