June 18, 2008

Half way through San Diego

The trip is going great.  I have had a chance to connect with the teens in different ways.  We had a 6 hour bus trip which made it easy.  Sand Volleyball time, oh yea.  Surfing... well, laying on a board and getting to my feet for like a couple of seconds.  I WILL GET IT.  

The spirit of God is moving.  Last night I actually had a hard time finishing.  I was talking about accountablility and God prompted me to ask anyone that had pain and suffering in their life and felt alone to raise their hand.  I was  a little choked up praying for them.  God is good.  I have a couple more days.

Please pray for me about rest.  I have not had very much.  We are camping on the beach.  I thought it wouldn't be bad on sand, but it seems to be a lot like concrete.  It hurts.  I ask that God will give me the strength to finish strong.

Here are some photos I have taken with the old handy, dandy Treo.  

This is Ty Godwin's House.  He is the Youth Pastor at New Life church in Pheonix, AZ.  Check out the yard.  All rocks with some flowers and bushes in them.  It is real.
This is the Bus's front windshield after we hit a huge bug on the way to CA.  I had to get a picture.

These are the big energy mills that we saw in CA on our way by bus from AZ to San Diego.

From San Diego Trip

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