July 14, 2009

What God?

I was going into an underground tunnel to rescue some people from danger.  As I was running in, I could see a closed door and yet there was sunlight coming from around the outside of it.  I yelled at them to run toward the door and open and run out, but they coward in fear together.  They saw the men that were standing there guarding the door and the hallway.  I told them to follow me, I helped them to their feet, and ran at the guards myself.  I threw myself at them, knocked them down, and opened the door.  Some of the people escaped, while others stayed inside for fear of what would happen if they tried.  As I was through the door, I was tackled by 3-4 of the guards.  They were not able to really harm me, like broken bones or kill me, but they were doing something to the effect of pinching me with their whole hand.  The thing was, I knew that it wasn’t life threatening, and yet it did hurt.  One of the escaped prisoners came to help for a moment, but then rest just ran off with the rest of them.  I was left to deal with the pain myself, alone.  

Then I woke up with the sensation of pinching all over me.  

This was the night that I went to bed feeling as though I had been in a war, spiritually, at camp.  

What was God saying through this vision that he gave me?


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