February 18, 2009

Celebrate Recovery

I spoke at a group called celebrate recovery last night. It was a group of around 15 people that meet together to basically go through a christian 12 step program. It is designed to deal with addictions and everything.

I had a particular talk about how we fall for cheap imitations of what God has designed for us. It was really weird. I got through what I was going to say in like 10 minutes or so, which for most of those reading this, would be pumped if I only talked for 10 minutes, so I began to ask God, "what do I say now?" He laid on my heart to walk through what seemed like to me, 86 different topics or so, but of course God used all those "words" to share his love.

I had them take some time and pray through some things that God was laying on their heart personally. During that time, God gave me some words to continue with which were new to me. I told them that I have fences that I put up to help me stay on the right path with God, but it is not the fences or rules that save me, it is Jesus Christ who saves me, and only he can save you. I asked if anyone wanted to follow Christ for the first time and to do it with all your heart. I had several raise their hands and led them through the prayer to follow God.

It is a little more nerve racking for me to speak in front of adults, and even more when it is a smaller group, no matter what age, but to ask the question of accepting Christ in a small group feels like I am exposing myself for some reason. Especially if I don't know the group. So when God wanted me to ask the question, I questioned God, and he told me to keep going and ask the question.

It is great to serve a God that knows everything, and everyone.

That is all He wants me to say.

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