January 3, 2009

2008 Highlights uno

I have been thinking of the best things that I remember from this year. I have been able to travel all over and speak the Word that God has been given me, seen lives change, decisions made to walk on water past the fear, and decisions to be a Christ follower. I love traveling, speaking the Word, and seeing people “get” what God is saying. These next couple of posts will tell of my best remembered times of 2008. Not in any particular order.

I was flying home from speaking in Maine this past March and was tired and ready to see my family. I was disappointed when I knew the kids couldn’t watch the plane land and greet me at the door. So I walked through the airport not really knowing what to expect. When I came through the walkway, both Michael and Zoe got up and ran for me and jumped into my arms. It made me feel so special. They gave me big hugs and kisses and didn’t want to let go. Michael wanted to help me pull my laptop carryon and Zoe would not let me put her down. Tauni came and greeted me with… ok, that is going to remain my own memory. That was a special moment for me. It was actually my first speaking gig away from family where I was gone for a week.

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