November 29, 2008

Hearing and obeying

I have a friend that recently handed me a check for a particular amount of money. I talked to him later and thanked him, when he told me this story.

"God told me to give you this certain amount. He told me to not check my bills, or checking account or anything, just to give. I of course went home and starting looking at bills and trying to figure out stuff when I just closed it all up and wrote the check.

When I gave it to you, I could hear God and feel Him so close. Closer than I have ever felt. It was the obedience. It was not just hearing, but doing what he said.

God has taken the small amount that I have given you and blessed me both with his voice and also with some financial gain."

It was small to him, but was perfect for where God had him, and where he had me.

Is there something that God has told you to do, that you have not done yet? Obedience is the action that follows the hearing.


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