November 28, 2008

Encouragement and Blessings

As I think over the years of how Tauni and I have been blessed and encouraged through certain people, parents are at the top of the list. Both my parents and Tauni's mom have been used by God to help us both in good times and bad.

They have provided over so many things over the years, not just the past 16 months of "walking on water", but I would say since we were born. But, since we have been married, had kids, and started doing ministry in different places as well as all the moving we have done, our parents were right there beside us.

They helped us get started by planning and paying for a wedding. Always being there to help with moving, packing, unpacking and making the place livable. They have provided many meals, groceries, diapers and clothes.

They have supported us with prayer and encouragement beyond anything we could ever write or talk about. Their words of wisdom, understanding, and also letting us make our own decisions have been a guide for us. We always know that we can turn to them for anything.

As I think of our last couple of years of ministry, I think that our journey has been just as hard on them, as it has been on us. They have to watch and suffer through aches and pains that we go through, and they do not have the ability to make our decisions, they have to sit back and watch. I think that no control is harder than being in the situation and having control over what happens. I think of the times that I have felt like I was waiting to see what God was going to do next, and I did not have control over what happened. That is frustrating.

They have supported us with the ever needed listening ears, and praying hands and knees. What else could a child ask for in a parent?

Thank you mom, dad, and mom for your support for us, financially and spiritually.

And that is just a small tribute to our biggest supporters.

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