November 4, 2008

Falling behind

I have been falling behind on what God has been doing in my life and how he has been providing for me as of late.

I came home a couple of Mondays ago to find 3 boxes on our doorstep. 2 brown boxes a Nintendo Wii box. The first question that hit my mind was, "Who sent these to us?"

I looked for a return address so we would know who to thank, and it was from like Amazon or someplace like that. I then turned my eyes to the address. The numbers were right, but the street name was not. It was left on our doorstep by mistake by UPS.

As I look back on this event, there is something that just shows that God has been doing things in my life on such a consistent basis that I didn't even question the fact that they might be on the wrong doorstep.

God has been good to my family and me. We are not rich, but blessed. We have great friends and family around that continue to show God's love to us.

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