September 16, 2008

When the Lights go out

What do you do when the electricity goes out at your house?  

Our electricity went out this past Sunday night.  It was hard in respects to watching football, but we managed.  We decided to get out some candles and enjoy it.  We also went out and played and got blown around in the 70+ mile per hour wind.  The kids loved it.

It is funny, or sad, that we have no idea how to live or have fun with out our toys.  It was difficult for me to communicate with people that didn't have any telephone.  It was hard not being able to check internet stuff.  

But it was great fun for my family.  I know that I rely way too much on my electronic toys to communicate with God even.  I have the Bible on my computer, palm pilot, use the internet to prepare for messages, and communication for speaking engagements and contacting people.  Technology is great, and I try to take full advantage of everything that I can.  I am sure you are nothing like me, but unplugging sometime is hard to do.  God speaks in all kinds of ways, and one of those does not include electronics of any kind.  

Are you connecting with God?  Are you able to enjoy and fellowship with him outside of electronic toys?

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Ty said...

I can relate 100% as sad as that is! I wonder what the Apostle Paul's life would have looked like with a Mac and a Smart Phone???