July 20, 2008

Home comes to me, and Unchangeable

I was a groomsman in a wedding yesterday. Oh yeah! I was looking good in a beige, pin striped tux... wearing sandals. You know, that is how I roll. This wedding was in Canton, Oh which is about 2 hours north of Columbus. It was for my cousin Christopher Peters and his lovely new wife, Monica. It was a great wedding, a little warm in the church (no AC), but the fans were very powerful, especially when I was right in front of one of them. Ha ha.

But for me, it was really cool because home(Columbus, Water of Life, family, friends), came to me. Not being home for so long has disconnected me from some good friends and family, and this was a connecting point for me. I wish I would have had more time to hang out. You forget how much your friends and family mean to you, until you are away for almost a month and a half. Also, being on the West Coast, messed up the timing with family and friends. I got to be home for a couple of days and nights before going to Canton, but not enough to be with just my family, or to connect with extended family and friends. (Don't worry Barrett, I am looking forward to one of those famous cookouts when I get home).

For those of you at the wedding, I want you to know that I was not getting overly emotional there. I am still not sure why my eyes were so red. I am still dealing with it this morning. I am really hoping it is not pink eye, but I am not sure where the closest drug store is around here to run out and get something for it. You know, I am in the boonies.

About the boonies, I am now at Camp Gideon, the Evangelical Friends Church, Eastern Region sponsored camp. It is in Salineville, OH and just northeast of Carrolton, OH. I am speaking to teens coming out of 6th grade through 8th grade. The theme is :Unchangeable, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever," Hebrews 13:8.

It is good to remember that, when you are going through things in your life that are difficult because they are hard, or difficult in decision making. God will never change, whether you are a speaker, Youth Pastor, or you know what ever "you" are going through. As you make decisions, knowing that where God has been faithful in the past and provided for you, he will provide in the future, just maybe in a different way and/or different area that you need it. I am definitely writing this for me, and if you want, you can apply this to your situation as well. Maybe different issues, but the same big, awesome God.

Until later,


Mom said...

The world around us is constantly changing....our surroundings, growing up, relationships,death, marriage, children, grandchildren..... there are constant cycles. I am so thankful that in a changing world, He never changes nor do His promises because He is truth.

Ty said...

Man Biddle, I am reading down through your blogs and its like you are in my head! Thanks for the post, I am going to read the next one and see what you have for me. I am struggling with the thought of God's faithfulness right now. Thanks for the encouragement!