July 24, 2008

Good times

Climbing the huge "mountain" in Lisbon, OH.

Ok, maybe not quite a mountain. But I climbed it just the same.

Michael and Mommy coming down the water slide together.

Michael approving of the fears that God is calling the teens to give up. Not really sure why he decided to get in, but he did.

Yes, that is a pair of underware on his head. And yes, he does take after his mother and not me. Ok, maybe it is Uncle Sean that he takes after.

Good times... are worth 1000 bad times. When God calls you to do things, he wants you to take the bad with the good. Too many times we want think that when God calls us to do something, that it is going to be all roses. And I think it just might be. The problem is, there are also thorns on those roses.

I struggled with where the Spirit was going this week, and it was difficult, but I had some great family members and friends that backed me up with some much needed prayer and encouragement. Thank you so much.

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Ty said...

I can relate to your post. I am asking God a ton of questions right now and am not sure of all the answers, but none of the answers seem "easy"

BTW is that Rock Face you climbed near Camp Gideon at all? Because it looks a lot like the first place I ever climbed with Jack Harris when I was at Malone (or maybe all Ohio Rocks look the same!)