July 3, 2008


I talked with the pastor about the ministry position yesterday, and I have set some time aside to pray.  I got directions here in Newberg, OR to a State park, which you have to pay $3 to visit.  I started driving there and there was a detour.  I followed the signs and turned once, then twice, then a third time.  There was never a connecting road to get back to where I was heading.  My detour never got me going where I was going.  I ended up pulling over at a little spot where there was some parking and a place to walk a trail.  

I find this interesting because in some ways I think that is where I am starting to think this ministry position is heading for me.  I feel like it might have been a detour in my thinking of God's direction.  I think that if I continue to follow too long, I will end up being lost.  Like I was never suppose to make it to the State Park, and so was led on a wild goose chase with a detour.  Because my thinking involves so much more than just prayer.  Too much thinking in terms of "pluses and minuses".  Making lists of good and bad.  The question comes down to, "where does God want me to be".

I think we can be led the same way.  Since I have quit my "normal" job and gone into speaking, I ask myself everyday if this is the day to go get a job.  You know, one with a steady paycheck and a human boss.  I always want to entertain and think and pray through everything that God puts in my path.  I believe that God put my name on this pastors mind, and on the other person that he talked to that mentioned me.  This was definitely a God crossing road.

Please keep praying for Tauni and I as we seek God in this time.

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My2Gs said...

Hey Scott,
Thanks for stopping by our site. That would be fun to get together at the waterpark sometime. I guess there is also a new one in Powell that's really good.
~ Lacie