October 21, 2009

so much change, so little time

here have been a lot of things that have been going on in the life of the Biddles, and it is so hard to put them all down.

Our trying to understand what God is doing has not been cleared up yet. We are still waiting on a firm answer from God.

I am debating, and leaning toward, getting a part time second job. I have a revival lined up for the second week of November in Lupton, MI, and yet nothing else is seemingly opening up at this time. I am starting to wonder if this door is closing. The lack of chances to bring God's word has been very difficult to understand.

I met with a gentleman, Jeff Pinkleton, from Springfield, who was a connection of David Mabry's, that leads a "ministry" called "The Gathering" which helps to support and encourage men. I was meeting with him, I thought, to get some leads on some possible job stuff, and yet it might lead into helping with the speaking stuff. I am not real sure right now. It was a good meeting and got a contact with a song writer, worship leader from Springfield, which I am hoping to connect with in person soon.

Michael has been sick a couple of times, Tauni has felt somewhat under the weather, Zoe and I have just been a little tired.

We are still trying to find a groove, and not sure if that is gonna happen or not. The question has arisen whether I am suppose to get into a groove. That sounds very uncool right now, seeing as I think it would help tremendously.

Michael has been very active in preschool, and I believe he enjoys it. When I ask, he says no, but when he comes out of class he seems to have had a good time and loves showing us his artwork he has made. He has already hit his teenage years of not wanting to talk to us sometime. He say, "stop talking to me. I'm not talking to you anymore", and then grunts when we talk.

Zoe has been doing better at her colors. I was afraid there for a bit that she was color blind, because she just couldn't get it. I'm still not totally convinced, but feeling better.

I am sorry that I have neglected to keep the updates coming, it has just been a whacky couple of months.


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