March 22, 2009

A weekend of prayer

It is interesting that this weekend for me here in Morgantown, WV at SOY Retreat was given to me to be able to refresh and be prepared to continue in the ministry that God has directed me to do, and yet God used it for something else.

Not that I was not refreshed, but refreshed in a totally different way than what I thought. There were several times that God put people on my mind to pray for. One was very strong and even to the point of deep, deep burden and tears. It hurt and I continued to try and shake it off so I could move on with my day, with even the interruption of the house keeper, which I was able to ask to come back.

There was another point where God laid someone on my mind and was able to pray very specifically for someone.

It is funny, because, I will admit that I am not a prayer warrior by any stretch of the imagination, and yet God has been laying this at my feet for the last couple of months.

I still do not claim to be a prayer warrior, but God has been teaching me.

There are two things that I have learned that have helped me. This is not a way everyone should do it, just my way. When someone asks for prayer, I try to do it on the spot. I know myself well enough to realize that in most cases I will not do it later. I will forget. The second reason is, in most cases, if someone is asking for prayer, they would like it on the spot. Now, if there have been times that people have asked for prayer and I haven't done it for you there, I am sorry, I am still working on it. Secondly, when God brings people to my mind, I do what I can to stop and pray for people. It has been happening a little more often lately, and has inspired some great times with God.

And that is where the refreshing has come from this weekend. I admit that I am going home with very tired eyes, and tired spiritually because of those encounters, and yet connecting with God is always refreshing.

Just thought you would like to know that your prayers are being answered, and that I very much appreciate all that you can throw my way.


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