November 8, 2008

sacrifice and support

I went to preach at a church in Northeast Ohio a little over a month ago. The pastor was going off to spend time in another country doing missions work and wanted me to come and preach at his church for him. I told him that I would and he told me that his church didn't pay much for preachers coming in, but would make sure that I got a particular amount. That was all fine with me.

I went that morning and preached, and after the service I was handed a check from someone in the church, and then again from someone else in the church. When I got out to my car, I opened the checks to find that the pastor had reached into his own pocket and gave the amount that was needed to span the difference between what the church pays and what he said. That was absolutely amazing to me.

I then went to spend time with some friends of mine, which had invited me over for Tacos, man do I love food, and for the afternoon to talk and watch football. Oh, and play a little Lego Batman with the kids. I went to hang out with my buddy at his church during Youth Group. As I was leaving, the wife filled a couple of bags with meat from some slaughtered pigs, chickens and cow. I was overwhelmed. Then, they gave me some gift certificates to use.

This was a particularly rough time financially for me. I had prayed and pleaded with God the night before about his promises and my needs. I had talked to another buddy of mine on the way up for the weekend and he had encouraged me beyond imagination.

God used these pastors, and my friend, to show His provision. The funny thing was, with the amount from the church and my friends, it added up to the exact amount that I needed. God is good, and he continues to show it.

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