August 19, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

From Are you ready...

It was a great weekend of practice football in our house. Michael and I went with Dad, Dusty, Eric and Landon to watch the Cleveland Brown's practice on Saturday. We stopped at White Castle on the way up, and Applebee's on the way back. You can see the tattoo that Michael is showing off on his stomach, that Grandpa gave him. It is of a dawg..., if you know what I am saying.

Tauni, Zoe, Michael and I went to the Ohio State Buckeye's open practice Monday night. It is our third year, and we love going. It is a chance for us to see the Buckeyes in person, without the $100 price tag per ticket. Dusty and Caitlin met us down there. It was a great evening.

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